Compliance Findings

CloudDefense ACS Findings Interface

CloudDefense ACS evaluates cloud accounts e.g. Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure's assets with several rules that are set on the ACS platform and generates findings for the cloud account. These findings are generated from 256 rules. CloudDefense ACS Findings Interface is a section for getting those findings in a clear and concise view.

Users can spot the

  1. Total alerts/findings

  2. Total assets

  3. Scan time.

You can sort findings based on.

  1. Severity filter

  2. Region filter

  3. Service file

  4. Compliance family filter


Users can spot the number of generated findings/alerts for their cloud account against the rules of the ACS platform.

Total assets:

Users can spot the number of assets that are evaluated against the rules of the ACS platform

Scan time

The user can spot the last scan time with the date and time of their cloud accounts.

View Options

You can view the findings:

  1. In group view

  2. In list view

Group View

In the group view, the user can spot all the findings by rules. The group view is the default view of the finding page. Findings are grouped under their evaluated rules. If the user clicks rules it will be expanded with its findings.

List View

In the list view, the user can spot all the findings as a list.


Severity Filter

The severity filter allows the user to spot the findings with their severity level. There are four severity levels in the ACS platform e.g. Critical severity, High severity, Medium severity, and low severity.

Region filter

Different assets might belong to different regions e.g. US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Europe (London), Europe (Paris), etc. So the region filter allows the user to spot the findings of different regions’ assets.

Service filter

The service filter allows the user to spot the findings by different cloud services of his account e.g. ec2 instance, s3 bucket, lambda function, iam, etc.

Compliance family filter

All the assets of a cloud account are evaluated against 474 rules in the ACS platform. These 474 rule belongs to 13 different compliance family e.g. SOC 2, FedRAMP Low Revision 4, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), CIS v1.4.0, RBI Cyber Security Framework, PCI v3.2.1, HIPAA, etc. The compliance family filter allows users to spot the findings of these compliance families.


Remediation is the most exciting feature of the findings page. By clicking the remediation button the user can find the remediation of the findings. View more about remediation {Remediation doc will be linked here}

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