How to invite new users in CloudDefense ACS

Got to Global Tenent Setting > Users

Step 1:

Organization Admins can invite new team members by hitting the marked section “Invite New Users”.

Admins can also assign their team members to any one of the following roles.

  • Admin

  • Auditors

  • DevOps

Admin role defines the availability of access for all the available functions and necessary administrative tasks, adding new team members.

Auditor role allows visiting the dashboard reports and the available users.

DevOps role allows the team members to code and scan through all the environments.

Step 2:

Once you hit the option “ invite new users” you will see a new tab searching the information of team member’s email, organization name, account name, and preferred role to the assignee.

Step 3:

Once you fill up the information, the user will get an email with the link. Once they click they will have option to create account:

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