The resource page is a section for spotting all assets of cloud accounts e.g. Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure's assets.

The resource section has 8 filters to filter the resources

  • Resource Type

  • Severity Regions

  • Issues Public/others

  • Label Key

  • Label Value

  • Created Date

Also, the user can see the assets in the result section. with

  • Resource Issues,

  • Region,

  • Created date,

  • Tags,

  • Action etc.

Resource Type filter: AWS and azure accounts could have resource various types of resources e.g. IAM, Compute, Network, Containers, Data, Management, Security, etc. So users can spot with the resource type filter

Severity filter: A cloud account's resources could be affected by different severity levels of vulnerability. The severity filter allows users to filter resources with their affected severity level e.g. Critical severe, High sever, Medium severe, and Low severe.

Regions filter: Resources could have different regions e.g. US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (N.California), US West (Oregon), Global, Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Asia Pacific (Jakarta), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Osaka), etc. Region filter allows the user to spot the resource by its region.

Issues filter: Issues filter allows users to spot resources with their evaluation status e.g. pass, fail, etc.

Public/others filter: The user can filter the public resource and other resources by public/others filter.

Label Key Filter: The user can also spot the resources by label key e.g. Group Name, Instance Name, Policy Title, Security Group Name, Subnet Id, User, VPC Name, etc.

Label value filter: The label value filter will allow the user to find the resource by label value of the resources e.g. AmazonLexV2BotPolicy, cdefense-deploy-ec2-SG, AmazonRDSServiceRolePolicy, launch-wizard-37, snap-02b33157b7d3d38a2, IAMUserChangePassword, restoreFromS3-2022-02-28-, AmazonEMRCleanupPolicy, snap-002175d57c95f807b, boto, rancherservicerole, etc.

Created date filter: Created date filter allows the user to spot the resources by their date of creation. Users can input the date range and can spot the resource within the date range.

Resource column: The resource column allows the user to spot all resources.

Issues column: The issue column allows the user to spot the overview of the findings. Users can spot the pass, fail, and not evaluated findings overview.

Region column: The user can spot the region of a particular asset in the region column.

Created date column: Created date column allows the user to spot the date of asset creation. Tags column: Tags column allows the user to spot the tags that are associated with the resources.

Action column: The user can spot the suggested action against the vulnerable resource.

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