CloudDefense supports multiple integration types.

  1. Cloud

    • Macie

    • Inspector

    • GaurdDuty

  2. Ticketing System

    • Jira

    • Service Now

How to Integrate with CloudDefense:

1. Cloud

Currently, we support AWS Macie, Inspector, and guard duty. You don’t need to integrate these separately. If these are enabled in your linked AWS account, you can just enable them from the integration page. Check here to learn how to enable the integrations.

1. Ticketing System

Currently, we support Jira and Service Now.

A. Jira

Step 1: Go to Global Administration > Integrations. Click on the “Settings”.

Step 2: Give these credentials on the pop-up:

  • Project name

  • Domain

  • Email

  • Jira authorization key

Note: if you use the Jira server, please click on the checkbox:

B. Service Now

Step 1: From the integration page, click on the setting button.

Step 2: Give these credentials on the pop-up:

  1. Project Key

  2. Instance name

  3. Username

  4. Password

How to Enable/Disable Integrations:

Go to the integration page and toggle the button to enable or disable any integrations including AWS Macie, Inspector and GaurdDuty.

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