Rule Engine

A number of rules are applied in the evaluation of a cloud account in the ACS platform. The rule engine is a section of spotting all the rules that are being applied to evaluate the cloud account. Users can find the rule information, description, title, associate compliance family, etc. on the rule engine page of a rule. Also, users can enable and disable rules to evaluate the cloud account. The rule engine page has 4 filters to spot the rule on the rule engine page.

Filters are:

  • Search filter

  • Severity filter

  • Compliance family filter

  • Compliance status filter

Search filter: The search filter allows users to search for the rules within the rule engine page. Users can search for the rule by entering the keyword.

Severity filter: The severity filter allows the user to spot a rule by the severity of the rule.

Compliance family filter: All rules in ACS belongs to the 13 compliance family. So users can spot the rule by the compliance family.

Compliance status filter: The user can enable and disable the rule. Only enable rule will be applied in the next scan. Compliance status filter allows users to find the enable or disable rules separately.

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